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CC1110 and CC1111 Development Kit



A complete development kit can be used to evaluate both 433 MHz and 868/915 MHz operation and contains:

  • 2 SmartRF®04 evaluation boards
  • 2 CC1110EM 433 MHz evaluation modules
  • 2 CC1110EM 868/915 MHz evaluation modules
  • 1 CC1111EM 868/915 MHz USB dongle
  • Antennas
  • Cables
  • Technical documentation and the SmartRF® Studio software can be downloaded from the web. The SmartRF®04 evaluation boards connect to a PC via USB, and can also operate stand-alone
  • IAR EW8051 C-compiler with C-SPY debugger (30+30 days evaluation license.)The CC1110 and CC1111 is supported by the IAR EW8051 C-compiler. The C-SPY debugger is used as emulator interface. Both the C-compiler and the C-SPY debugger are included in the development kit as 30 days evaluation licenses. By registrering the compiler with IAR, a 30 day extension of the license will be given.

Texas Instruments  CC1110-CC1111DK

The development kit is designed to help the user to achieve his/hers objectives as quickly as possible.

Evaluate the CC1110Fx and CC1111Fx
Right out of the box, the user can do range testing (PER testing) between two development boards with or without using a PC. This enables the user to quickly find out how well the CC1110Fx fits the intended application. A number of demonstration applications serve to highlight the innovative features of the SmartRF®04 ICs.

Perform RF measurements
Using SmartRF® Studio, the user can configure the radio ICs with parameters that suit the intended application and easily measure sensitivity, output power and other RF parameters.

Develop a prototype
By programming the CC1110Fx and utilizing the various peripherals included on the Evaluation Board, the user can easily make a prototype of the intended application. All signals are brought out on 0.1 pin-row connectors so easy connection of other required circuitry is possible. These connectors are also compatible with Agilent logic analyzer probes for easy debugging.