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CC1110 Evaluation Module 868-915MHz



A complete Evaluation Kit includes:

  • 2 CC1110 868-915 MHz evaluation modules which contain:
    • CC1110 chip
    • Required external components
  • 2 Antennas (868/915 MHz)

Texas Instruments  CC1110EMK868-915

The CC1110EMK868-915 evaluation kit in combination with a CC1110 development kit is designed to help the user to achieve his/her objectives as quickly as possible:

  • Evaluate the SmartRF®04 products. Right out of the box, the user can do range testing (PER testing) and transfer data from one PC to another using the SmartRF®04DK. This enables the user to quickly find out how well the SmartRF®04 products fit the intended application. A number of demonstration applications serve to highlight the innovative features of the SmartRF®04 ICs.
  • Perform RF measurements. Using SmartRF® Studio, the user can configure the radio ICs with parameters that suit the intended application and easily measure sensitivity, output power and other RF parameters.
  • Develop a prototype. The pin rows on the SmartRF®04EB can easily be connected to an existing system for prototyping.

This evaluation kit includes two CC1110EM 868/915 MHz modules and antennas. The CC1110EMs are add-on daughter boards that require two SmartRF®04DKs (included in CC1101DK) for evaluation and development. Alternatively the CC1110EMs can be mounted on SOC-BBs (System-on-Chip Battery Boards) to prototype standalone low power RF nodes.