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Octal Inverting Buffers/Line Drivers with 3-State Outputs

Inventory: 1,000  

Quality information

RoHS Yes
Lead finish / Ball material NIPDAU
MSL rating / Peak reflow Level-1-260C-UNLIM
Quality, reliability
& packaging information

Information included:

  • RoHS
  • Device marking
  • Lead finish/Ball material
  • MSL rating/Peak reflow
  • MTBF/FIT estimates
  • Material content
  • Qualification summary
  • Ongoing reliability monitoring
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Packaging information

Package | Pins Package qty | Carrier: Operating temperature range (℃)
SOIC (DW) | 20 25 | TUBE
-55 to 125
Package | Pins SOIC (DW) | 20
Package qty | Carrier: 25 | TUBE
Operating temperature range (℃) -55 to 125
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Features for the CD74ACT240

  • Buffered inputs
  • Typical propagation delay:
       3.6 ns @ VCC = 5 V, TA = 25°C, CL = 50pF
  • Exceeds 2-kV ESD Protection - MIL-STD-883, Method 3015
  • SCR-Latch-up-resistant CMOS process and circuit design
  • Speed of bipolar FAST*/AS/S with significantly reduced power consumption
  • Balanced propagation delays
  • AC types feature 1.5-V to 5.5-V operation and balanced noise immunity at 30% of the supply
  • ± 24-mA output drive current
      Fanout to 15 FAST* ICs
      Drives 50-ohm transmission lines
  • Characterized for operation from –40° to 85°C

*FAST is a Registered Trademark of Fairchild Semiconductor Corp.

Description for the CD74ACT240

The RCA CD54/74AC240, CD54/74AC241, and CD54/74AC244 and the CD54/74ACT240, CD54/74ACT241, and CD54/74ACT244 3-state octal buffer/line drivers use the RCA ADVANCED CMOS technology. The CD54/74AC/ACT240 and CD54/74AC/ACT244 have active-LOW output enables (10E\, 2OE\). The CD54/74AC/ACT241 has one active-LOW (10E\) and one active-HIGH (20E) output enable.

The CD74AC240 and CD74ACT240 are supplied in 20-lead dual-in-line plastic packages (E suffix) and 20-lead small-outline packages (M and M96 suffixes). The CD74AC241 is supplied in 20-lead dual-in-line plastic packages (E suffix) and the CD74ACT241 is supplied in 20-lead dual-in-line plastic packages (E suffix) and 20-lead small-outline packages (M96 suffix). The CD74AC244 and CD74ACT244 are supplied in 20-lead dual-in-line plastic packages (E suffix), 20-lead small-outline packages (M and M96 suffixes), and 20-lead shrink small-outline packages (SM96 suffix). These package types are operable over the following temperature ranges: Commercial (0 to 70°C); Industrial (–40 to +85°C); and Extended Industrial/Military (–55 to +125°C).

The CD54AC240 and CD54AC244 and the CD54ACT240, CD54ACT241, and CD54ACT244 are supplied in 20-lead hermetic dual-in-line ceramic packages (F3A suffix) and are operable over the –55 to +125°C temperature range.


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250-999 0.734
1,000+ 0.525

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Inventory 7,016
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