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CDC3S04EVM Evaluation Module



  • Easy-to-use evaluation board to fan out low phase noise
  • Easy device setup
  • Control pins configurable though jumpers
  • Board powered using USB or external supply

Texas Instruments  CDC3S04EVM

The CDC3S04 is a four-channel low-power sine-wave clock buffer. It can be used to buffer a single mastern clock to multiple peripherals. The four sine-wave outputs (CLK1–CLK4) are designed for minimal channel-to-channel skew and ultralow additive output jitter. Each output has its own clock request input which enables the dedicated clock output. These clock requests are active-high (can also be changed tobe active-low via I2C), and an output signal is generated that can be sent back to the master clock to request the clock (MCLK_REQ). MCKL_REQ is an open-source output and supports the wired-OR function (default mode). It needs an external pulldown resistor. MCKL_REQ can be changed to wired-AND or push-pull functionality via I2C.This evaluation module (EVM) is designed to demonstrate the electrical performance of theCDC3S04. For optimum performance, the board is equipped with 50-ohm SMA connectors and well controlled 50-ohm impedance microstrip transmission lines.