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CDCEL949 Performance Evaluation Module



  • Easy-to-use evaluation module for fast prototyping and application evaluation.
  • Supporting the entire CDCE(L)949 family.
  • Easy and fast device programming through TI Pro-ClockT software. Evaluation of multiple crystals and reference clocks due to flexible input structure.
  • EVM completely USB powered in factory default.
  • Option for USB power and external power supply.

Texas Instruments  CDCEL949PERF-EVM

The CDCEL949PERF-EVM will help to verify the functionality and performance of CDCEL949 with the options of crystal and 1.8 V LVCMOS inputs. The outputs can be connected to the Oscilloscope directly with SMA cables. The below information/items are included: The EVM use's guide : SCAU022; the Programming Software Clock Pro: scac073d; CDCEL949 Datasheet: SCAS844; CDCE949 IBIS Model: SCAC094.