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DualCool™ NexFET™ Power MOSFETs and TPS40304 Buck Controller Evaluation Module



  • 8-V to 14-V input voltage rating
  • 1.2-V ± 2% output voltage rating
  • 25-A steady state load current
  • 600-kHz switching frequency
  • Simple access to IC features including power good, enable, soft-start, and error amplifier
  • Convenient test points for simple, non-invasive measurements of converter performance

Texas Instruments  CSD163CEVM-591

The CSD163CEVM-591 evaluation module (EVM) is a synchronous buck converter providing a fixed 1.2Voutput at up to 25A from a 12-V input bus. The EVM is designed to start-up from a single supply; so, no additional bias voltage is required for start-up. The module uses the TPS40304 high performance, mid-input voltage synchronous buck controller and TI’s DualCool™ NexFET™ high performance MOSFETsTI’s DualCool™ NexFET™ family of power MOSFETs delivers an industry standard footprint, whileenabling thermally efficient cooling through the top and bottom of the package. This package allows power system designers to effectively direct heat away from the PCB in high-current DC/DC applications, resulting in improved power density, higher current capability and improved system reliability.