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High Density, High Current Power Supply Solution Using NexFET™ Power Block and TPS51218



  • 8V to 13V input voltage rating
  • 1.2V output voltage
  • 25A steady state load current
  • 290 kHz switching frequency
  • Simple access to IC features including enable, power good, and switching node
  • Convenient test points for simple, non-invasive measurements of converter performance including input ripple, output ripple, and switching node

Texas Instruments  CSD86350Q5DEVM-604

The CSD86350Q5DEVM-604 evaluation module (EVM) is a synchronous buck converter featuring TI'sNexFET™ Power Block technology to provide a high current, ultra-high density power supply solution. The EVM provides a 1.2V output at 25A from a 12V nominal input bus at over 92% efficiency. The EVM is designed to operate from a single supply, so no additional bias voltage is required. The EVM uses the TPS51218 high performance, mid-input voltage, synchronous buck controller and TI’s NexFET™ Power Block to optimize the efficiency and power density of the total solution.