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DAC1220 20-Bit Delta-Sigma Low-Power Digital-to-Analog Converter (DAC) Evaluation Module



  • Both a voltage reference and clock generator are accessible on board, or through EVM connectors
  • An onboard connector carries the I2C signals to the resident EEPROM
  • The DAC1220EVM is connected through only three headers; analog, serial, and power

Texas Instruments  DAC1220EVM

The DAC1220EVM is an evaluation module designed for the DAC1220 20-bit delta-sigma digital-to analog data converter. The device pins for the DAC1220 are accessible through the analog and digital connector pins on the EVM. The EVM is designed for prototyping and evaluation, and includes a reference circuit, an oscillator circuit, and an output buffer amplifier. The use of the buffer amplifier is optional by design.