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DAC161S997 16-Bit DAC With Internal Reference and 4mA-to-20mA Current Loop Drive Evaluation Module



  • 2-Wire Loop-powered configuration along with MCU helps prototyping remote sensor transmitter
  • Isolated USB interface to PC
  • Can be used with PC software or as a Standalone tranmitter
  • Hardware confirgurable Error o/p current
  • JTAG and GPIO header of MSP430

Texas Instruments  DAC161S997EVM

DAC161S997EVM helps evaluate the DAC161S997, 4-20mA Loop driver with SPI interface. This board is designed as a 2-Wire loop-powered transmitter. It has a MSP430G2553 MCU which comes preloaded with a firmware which communicates with PC Software and can read/write DAC register according to the user input on PC software. Board also provides Isolation between PC and the MCU+DAC.