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DAC2932 Dual-Channel, 12-Bit, 40-MSPS, Ultra-Low Power Digital-to-Analog Converter Evaluation Module



  • Dual, 12-Bit, 40MSPS Current Output DACs
  • Four 12-Bit Voltage Output DACs—for Transmit Control
  • Single +3V Operation
  • Very Low Power: 29mW
  • High SFDR: 75dB at fOUT = 5MHz
  • Low-Current Standby or Full Power-Down Modes
  • Internal Reference
  • Optional External Reference
  • Adjustable Full-Scale Range: 0.5mA to 2mA
    • Transmit Channels
      • I and Q
      • PC Card Modems: GPRS, CDMA
      • Wireless Network Cards (NICs)
    • Signal Synthesis (DDS)
    • Portable Medical Instumentation
    • Arbitrary Waveform Generation (AWG)

Texas Instruments  DAC2932EVM

This EVM helps users evaluate TI's DAC2932, a dual 12-bit, current-output digital-to-analog converter (DAC) designed to combine the features of high dynamic range and very low power consumption.

The DAC2932 converter supports update rates of up to 40MSPS. In addition, the DAC2932 features four 12-bit voltage output DACs, which can be used to perform system control functions.