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DAC7558EVM Evaluation Module



  • The DC power supply for the DAC7558EVM is selectable by changing jumper settings
  • Optional op-amp U2 can be installed to allow output signal conditioning
  • An onboard +4.096V precision voltage reference is provided
  • The REF3140 precision reference (optional) is powered by +5VA through on board terminals.

Texas Instruments  DAC7558EVM

This EVM features the DAC7558 digital-to-analog converter. The DAC7558 EVM is a simple evaluation module designed for a quick and easy way to evaluate the functionality and performance of the 12-bit resolution, octal-channel and serial input DAC. This EVM features an ultra low glitch voltage output with great linearity and monotonicity. The serial interface of this DAC can communicate with any host microprocessor or TI DSP base system. By using the 5-6KINTERFACE board the DAC7558EVM can be interfaced with a number of TI DSP Starter Kits including those in the C5000 and C6000 series.