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DAC7574 Evaluation Module



Texas Instruments  DAC7574EVM

This EVM features one of the following digital-to-analog converter (DACs); the DAC7574, DAC7571, DAC6564, DAC6571, DAC5574, DAC5571 and DAC8571. The board provides a quick and easy way to evaluate the functionality and performance of these high-resolution I2C-input DACs. Although the EVM supports seven DAC types, only the selected DAC and its associated components are installed to simplify configuration. The EVM also provides an I2C serial interface to communicate with any host microprocessor or TI DAP base system.

If I only request literature what will I receive?
  • The DAC7574,DAC7571,DAC8571,DAC6574,DAC6571,DAC5574, and DAC5571EVM User's Guide SLAU117A- includes; schematic, component layout, and BOM
  • The DAC7574 Data Sheet, Number - SLAS375
Does the DAC7574EVM come with any connectors?
  • No the EVM does not come with connectors or cables these must be supplied by the customer.
What does the DAC7574EVM do?
  • The EVM is a Circuit board which allows the designer to run an evaluation of the DAC7574 device in real time.
Can I get the board design/gerber files/artwork?
  • Yes, gerber files are available.
Can I purchase more than 1?
  • Yes.
Can you bill me for the EVM?
  • No, We take credit cards, purchase orders and corporate checks.
How long will it take to receive the EVM?
  • You should receive the EVM within 5 working days. We can rush it to you for an additional charge.
Where can I get samples of the DAC7574 or ICs in this group?
  • By contacting your local TI authorized distributor.
Does this product have NAFTA exemption?
  • No, EVMs are not qualified for NAFTA exemption.