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True 16-bit, 4-channel, SPI, voltage-output DAC in QFN package with precision internal reference

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Package | PIN: WQFN (RTE) | 16
Temp: Q (-40 to 125)
Package qty | Carrier: 3,000 | LARGE T&R
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1-99 $13.13
100-249 $11.47
250-999 $8.84
1,000+ $7.91


  • Performance
    • INL: ±1 LSB Maximum at 16-Bit Resolution
    • TUE:±0.1% of FSR Maximum
  • Integrated 2.5 V Precision Internal Reference
    • Initial Accuracy: ±5 mV, Maximum
    • Low Drift: 2 ppm/°C Typical
  • High Drive Capability: 20 mA With 0.5 V From Supply Rails
  • Flexible Output Configuration
    • User Selectable Gain: 2,1 or ½
    • Reset to Zero Scale orMidscale
  • Wide Operating Range
    • Power Supply: 2.7 V to 5.5 V
    • Temperature: –40˚C to+125˚C
  • 50-MHz, SPI-Compatible Serial Interface
    • 4-Wire Mode, 1.7 V to 5.5 V Operation
    • Daisy-Chain Operation
    • CRC ErrorCheck
  • Low Power: 0.7 mA/Channel at 5.5 V
  • Small Package: 3-mm × 3-mm, 16-Pin WQFN

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Texas Instruments  DAC80504RTER

The DAC80504, DAC70504, and DAC60504 (DACx0504) are a pin-compatible family of low-power,four-channel, buffered voltage-output, digital-to-analog converters (DACs) with 16-, 14-, and12-bit resolution. The DACx0504 includes a low drift, 2.5-V internal reference, eliminating theneed for an external precision reference in most applications. A user-selectable gain configurationprovides full-scale output voltages of 1.25 V (gain = ½), 2.5 V (gain = 1), or 5 V (gain = 2).These devices operate from a single 2.7-V to 5.5-V supply, are specified monotonic, and providehigh linearity of ±1 LSB INL.

Communication to the DACx0504 is performed through a 4-wire serial interface thatoperates at clock rates of up to 50 MHz. The VIO pin enables serial interface operation from 1.7 Vto 5.5 V. The DACx0504 flexible interface enables operation with a wide range of industry-standardmicroprocessors and microcontrollers.

The DACx0504 incorporate a power-on-reset circuit that powers up and maintains the DACoutputs at either zero scale or midscale until a valid code is written to the device. These deviceconsume a low current of 0.7 mA/channel at 5.5 V, making these devices an excellent choice forbattery-operated equipment. A per-channel power-down feature reduces the device current consumptionto 15 µA.

The DACx0504 is characterized for operation over the temperature range of –40°C to+125°C, and is available in a small, 3-mm × 3-mm QFN package.