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DAC8218 Evaluation Module



  • Bipolar and Unipolar mode of operation is supported
  • Contains all support circuitry needed for the DACxx18 family
  • Serial interface header to easily attach to TI DSP base communication systems
  • Voltage reference options: onboard 5V, onboard 2.5V or external
  • Onboard jumpers to control DAC control pins
  • Compatible with the TI Modular EVM System

Texas Instruments  DAC8218EVM

The DACxx18EVM features the DAC7718, DAC8218, or DAC8718 digital to analog converter. The EVM provides a quick and easy way to evaluate the functionality and performance of this high resolution serial input Digital to Analog Converter (DAC). The DACxx18EVM is designed to work by default for a bipolar output range, but it can be configured for a unipolar output range by properly configuring two jumpers. The EVM provides the serial interface header to easily attach to any host microprocessor or TI DSP base system. Installed precision reference voltages of +5VDC and +2.5VDC are selectable using onboard jumpers. REF5050 (+5.0VDC source) and REF5025 (+2.5VDC) are pin compatible with the REF50xx family allowing a wide variety of reference values.