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DAC8562T Evaluation Module



  • DAC856x (16-bit) Relative Accuracy: 4 LSB INL
  • Glitch Impulse: 0.1 nV-s
  • Biderectional Reference: Input or 2.5 V Output Power-On Reset to Zero-scale or Mid-scale
  • Low-Power: 4mW (Typ. 5 V AVDD. Inluding Internal Reference Current)

Texas Instruments  DAC8562TEVM

The DACx56x devices are low-power, voltage-output, dual-channel, 16-, 14-, and 12-bit digital-to-analog converters (DACs). These devices include a 2.5-V, 4-ppm/°C internal reference, giving a full-scale output voltage range of 2.5 V or 5 V. The internal reference has an initial accuracy of ±5 mV and can source or sink up to 20 mA at the VREFIN/VREFOUT pin.