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DAC8871EVM Evaluation Module



  • Full-featured evaluation board for the high-speed DAC8871 16-bit, digital-to-analog converter
  • +10 Volt reference is provide by on board device U3 (REF102), the INA105 OP-AMP inverts this to obtain a -10 Volts
  • Test points TP1 and TP2 are provided to supply off board reference voltages ( not to exceed limits on DAC under test)
  • The Kelvin connection feature; will help minimize the internal errors caused by circuit impedances
  • TP1 and TP2 allows the user the ability to use their own external power supply as a reference supply of up to ± 18 Volts

Texas Instruments  DAC8871EVM

The DAC8871 is a single, 16-bit, serial-input, high voltage-output digital-to-analog (DAC) converter operating from a dual ± 18 V power supply. This converter provides excellent linearity (1 LSB INL), low glitch, low noise fast settling over its specified temperature range of -40°C to +105°C. A precision voltage reference is provided on the EVM to allow uni-polar operation at +10 Volts. This EVM is compatible with Texas Instruments 5-6K, HPA-MCU Interface Boards. Together with the use of TI's C5000 and C6000 DSP Starter Kits (DSK), the building of custom cables is alleviated.