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DAC8881 Performance Demonstration Kit



  • Easy-to-use evaluation software for Microsoft™ Windows XP
  • Built-in wave tables for creating Sine, Square, Triangle and Saw tooth output waveforms
  • Amplitude and offset adjustment capabilities
  • Ability to provide straight DC output
  • Easily expandable with new analysis plug in tools from Texas Instruments

Texas Instruments  DAC8881EVM-PDK

The DAC8881EVM-PDK is a complete evaluation/demonstration kit, which combines an DAC8881EVM with the TMS32VC5509 based MMB0 motherboard for use with a personal computer. The MMB0 motherboard allows the DAC8881EVM to connect to a computer via a USB port. The DAC8881EVM-PDK is controlled by the DXP evaluation software using an initialization file which sets up the serial control to the device under test. The software is designed to run with the Microsoft™ Windows operating system and allows for the complete evaluation of the DAC8881 device.