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DAP Signal Conditioning Board (Bipolar)




The DAPSigCndBrdBPEVM can be used with DAPs, Data Acquisition Products, 5-6K Interface and C2000 Interface boards. This signal conditioning board, provides up to eight single ended or four differential conditioning channels for use with a wide selection of data converter evaluation boards. The DAPSigCndBrdBPEVM boards four dual supply OPA2132 operational amplifiers operate at +/- 15 volts. The board contains jumpers and additional component locations that provide a variety of configuration options. While the Signal Conditioning Board can serve as a stand-alone amplifier for many applications, its primary purpose is to be used as an interface for data acquisition evaluation boards.


  • If I only request literature what will I receive?
    • The DAP Signal Conditioning Board Users Guide SLAU105, board layout, and BOM
    • OPA2132UA Data Sheet SBOS054
  • Does the DAPSigCndBrdBPEVM come with any connectors?
    No the EVM does not come with connectors or cables these must be supplied by the customer.
  • What does the DAPSigCndBrdBPEVM do?
    This is a Circuit board that gives the designer the ability to condition the input/output signal going to and from ADCs or DACs, through the use of bi-polar (OPA2132UA) amplifiers in the conditioning circuits.
  • Can I get the board design/gerber files/artwork?
    Yes, gerber files are available.
  • Can I purchase more than 1?
  • Can you bill me for the EVM?
    No, We take credit cards, purchase orders and corporate checks.
  • How long will it take to receive the EVM?
    You should receive the EVM within 5 working days. We can rush it to you for an additional charge.
  • Where can I get samples of the OPA2132UA or ICs in this group?
    By contacting you local TI authorized distributor.
  • Does this product have NAFTA exemption?
    No, EVMs are not qualified for NAFTA exemption.