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DDC11xEVM-PDK Performance Demonstration Kit



  • The DDC112 is a wide range, charge digitizing A/D converter with 20-bit resolution
  • Low-level current output devices, such as photo sensors, can be directly connected to the DDC112 input.
  • The DDC112 combines current-to-voltage conversion, integration, and digital filtering to produce wide range of results.
  • For each of the four inputs, the DDC114 provides a dual-switched integrator front end

Texas Instruments  DDC11XEVM-PDK

The DDC11xEVM-PDK provides an easy-to-use platform for evaluating the DDC112 or DDC114 charge digitizing A/D converters. A PC interface board (DDCMB) and daughter boards for the DDC112 or DDC114 are included along with software that makes analysis and testing of these devices manageable.