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DEM-DIR9001EVM Evaluation Module



  • One-Chip Digital Audio Interface Receiver (DIR) Including Low-Jitter Clock-Recovery
  • Compliant With Digital Audio Interface Standards: IEC60958 (former IEC958), JEITA CPR-1205 (former EIAJ CP-1201, CP-340), AES3, EBU tech3250
  • Clock Recovery and Data Decode From Biphase Input Signal, Generally Called S/PDIF,EIAJ CP-1201, IEC60958, AES/EBU
  • Biphase Input Signal Sampling Frequency (fS)
  • Range: 28 kHz to 108 kHz
  • Low-Jitter Recovered System Clock: 50 ps
  • Jitter Tolerance Compliant With IEC60958-3
  • Selectable Recovered System Clock: 128 fS, 256 fS, 384 fS, 512 fS
  • Serial Audio Data Output Formats: 24-Bit I²S;
  • MSB-First, 24-Bit Left-Justified; MSB-First 16-, 24-Bit Right-Justified which User Data, Channel-Status Data Outputs Synchronized With Decoded Serial Audio Data

Texas Instruments  DEM-DIR9001EVM

The DEM-DIR9001 is an evaluation board for the low jitter, Digital Audio Interface Receiver DIR9001. It isoperated by either a single +3.3 V power supply, or a +5 V power supply.

The DEM-DIR9001 has both an Optical Toslink input and a Coaxial input for the SPDIF interface which can achieve standard digital audio interface format IEC60958, AES/EBU, and JEIAT CPR-1205 (formerEIAJ CP-1201, 340).

The DEM-DIR9001 recovers standard system clock and PCM audio interface clock from incoming biphasesignals such as SPDIF, IEC60958, and AES/EBU. These signals are provided to the audio DAC/DSP, buffer output, and direct output.