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LED Audio DevPack



  • Quick prototyping of LED lighting applications
  • Bluetooth Smart-controlled using smartphone apps
  • Connect to ZigBee lighting applications
  • 4 multi-colored Osram LEDs (Red, Green, Amber and White)

Texas Instruments  DEVPACK-LED-AUDIO

Use the SensorTag for lighting applications with the LED Audio DevPack. Plug it into the SensorTag DevPack expansion header and expand your design with four high-power LEDs from Osram. The LED Audio DevPack makes it easy to create LED lighting applications controlled from a mobile phone with the Bluetooth® Smart SensorTag or connect to ZigBee® lighting system using ZigBee.

An additional SensorTag outer rubber sleeve is included if you want to cut an opening in the rubber to fit the LEDs or a lens. The DevPack includes mounting holes for the F12237_OSLO-CLUSTER-W lens from Ledil (not included).

The LED Audio DevPack is powered from a micro-USB connector. Note that at full intensity, the LEDs can draw up to 2A current, which will require a high-power USB power supply.

Download files for development:

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