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Discovery Adaptor Board for SimpleLink Wi-Fi CC31XX BoosterPack Plug-In Module


  • Easily connect CC31xx devices to STM32F4 platforms
  • Two 20-pin stackable connectors (BoosterPack headers) to connect to TI BoosterPack plug-in modules  

Texas Instruments  DISCOVERY-ADAPT

The DISCOVERY-ADAPT board is an interface between the SimpleLink™ Wi-Fi®CC31xx BoosterPack™ plug-in module and the STM32F4, a non-TI MCU. This board provides extended development capabilities by enabling a seamless connection between the CC31xx BoosterPack plug-in module and the discovery kits; thus allowing developers to easily add TI SimpleLink Wi-Fi to embedded end products that have the STM32 as the main MCU.

Download the software to get the full experience with the Discovery adaptor and start your development. The Non-TI MCU SDK add on contains the configurations files and the documentation needed to use the CC3100 Internet-on-a-chip™ solution along with STM32.