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DIX4192 Evaluation Module (EVM) and USB motherboard



  • Six digital audio input ports support AES3-balanced inputs
  • Six digital audio output ports support AES3-balanced, S/PDIF coaxial, optical, and CMOS logic level outputs
  • Accurate clock generation is supported using onboard or external clock oscillators
  • An LED indicator is provided for the DIR Lock output flag
  • Power maybe supplied using a wall mounted, +5 V supply (included)

Texas Instruments  DIX4192EVM-PDK

The DIX4192EVM-PDK provides a modular solution for evaluating the function and performance of the DIX4192 device from Texas Instruments. The PDK includes a motherboard (DAIMB) and a daughterboard (DIX4192EVM). Together, the daughter and mother boards form a modular platform for evaluating the function and performance of the TI DIX4192 integrated circuit. Applications software is provided with the PDK for writing and reading registers and data buffers integral to the DIX4192 device. The software communicates with the DIX4192 device using the USB slave interface on the DAIMB.