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DLP® 0.47 4K UHD DMD

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Package | Pins DLP-S316 (FQN) | 250
Operating temperature range (℃)
Package qty | Carrier: 54 | JEDEC TRAY (5+1)
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RoHS Yes
Lead finish / Ball material Call TI
MSL rating / Peak reflow N/A for Pkg Type
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DPPM / MTBF / Fit rate -
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  • 0.47-Inch diagonal micromirror array
    • 4K UHD (3840 × 2160) Display Resolution
    • 5.4-µm micromirror pitch
    • ±17° micromirror tilt (relative to flat surface)
    • Bottom illumination
  • 2xLVDS input data bus
  • Supports 4K UHD at 60 Hz and full HD at 240 Hz
  • LED operation supported by two dedicated DLPC6421 display controllers, and DLPA3005 power management device (PMIC) and LED driver

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The DLP470TP digital micromirror device (DMD) is a digitally controlledmicro-electromechanical system (MEMS) spatial light modulator (SLM) that enables bright 4K UHDdisplay systems. The DLP® 0.47” 4K UHD chipset iscomposed of the DMD, two DLPC6421 displaycontrollers, and DLPA3005 PMIC and LEDdriver. The compact physical size of the chipset provides a complete system solution that enablessmall form factor 4K UHD displays.

The DLP470TP ecosystem includes established resources to help the user accelerate thedesign cycle, which includeproductionready optical modules,opticalmodule manufacturers, anddesignhouses.

Visit theGettingStarted with TI DLP Pico™ display technology page to learnmore about how to start designing with the DMD.

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