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PMIC/LED Driver for DLP3010 (0.3 720p) DMD


Package | PIN: HTQFP (PFD) | 100
Carrier: Partial Tray
Qty Price
1-9 $11.23
10-24 $10.44
25-99 $10.08
100-249 $8.80
250-499 $8.38
500-749 $7.71
750-999 $6.92
1000+ $6.90


  • High-Efficiency, High-Current RGB LED Driver
  • Integrated Buck Converter Enables up to 6-A LED Driver Current
  • RGB MOSFET Switches for Channel Selection With Very Low On-Resistance
  • 10-Bit Programmable Current per Channel
  • Inputs for Selecting Color-Sequential RGB LEDs
  • Generation of DMD High-Voltage Supplies
  • Two High-Efficiency Buck Converters to Generate the DLPC343x and DMD Supply
  • Three High-Efficiency, 8-Bit Programmable Buck Converters for FAN Driver Application or General Power Supply (PWR6 currently supported, others will be available in the future)
  • Two LDOs Supplying Auxiliary Voltages
  • Analog MUX for Measuring Internal and External Nodes (such as a thermistor and reference levels)
  • Monitoring/Protections: Thermal Shutdown, Hot Die, Low-Battery, and Undervoltage Lockout

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Texas Instruments  DLPA3000DPFD

The DLPA3000 is a highly-integrated power management IC optimized for DLPPico Projector systems. The device is targeting accessory applications up to several hundreds oflumen.

The DLPA3000 supports LED projectors up to 6 A per LED, enabled by an integrated highefficiency buck converter. On top of that, the low-ohmic RGB switches support the sequencing ofred, green, and blue LEDs. The DLPA3000 contains five buck converters with two dedicated for DLPClow-voltage supplies. Another dedicated regulating supply generates the three timing-critical DCsupplies for the DMD: VBIAS, VRST, andVOFS.

The DLPA3000 contains several auxiliary blocks which can be used in a flexible way. Thisenables a tailor-made Pico Projector system. Three 8-bit programmable buck converters (not allsupported yet) can be used, for example, to drive the projector FANs or to make auxiliary supplylines. Two LDOs can be used for a lower-current supply of up to 200 mA. These LDOs are pre-definedto 2.5 V and 3.3 V.

Through the SPI, all blocks of the DLPA3000 can be addressed. Features included are thegeneration of the system reset, power sequencing, input signals for sequentially selecting theactive LED, IC self-protections, and an analog MUX for routing analog information to an externalADC.