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DLP® NIRscan™ Nano Evaluation Module


Qty Price (USD)
1+ 999.0

Features for the DLPNIRNANOEVM

  •  Key Features
  •  Evaluation Module (EVM) Usage
    • Mobile Sensing EVM: Battery
    • High Performance EVM: Benchtop/Portable
  •  Featured Digital Micromirror Device
  •  Micromirror Array Size (pixels)
    • Mobile Sensing EVM: 854 x 480
    • High Performance EVM: 912 x 1140
  •  Micromirror Pixel Pitch (µm)
    • Mobile Sensing EVM: 5.4 
    • High Performance EVM: 7.6 
  •  Micromirror Tilt Angle (degrees) 
    • Mobile Sensing EVM: +/-17 
    • High Performance EVM: +/-12 
  •  EVM Wavelength Range 
    • Mobile Sensing EVM: 900-1700nm 
    • High Performance EVM: 1350-2490nm 
  •  EVM Spectral Resolution 
    • Mobile Sensing EVM: 10nm 
    • High Performance EVM: 12nm 
  •  EVM Max Scan Speed (kHz) 
    • Mobile Sensing EVM: 2.88 
    • High Performance EVM: 4 
  •  EVM Signal-to-Noise Ratio 
    • Mobile Sensing EVM:  6,000:1 (reflective head)
    • High Performance EVM: 30,000: 1 (transmissive head)

Description for the DLPNIRNANOEVM

The DLP NIRscan Nano is a compact battery-operated evaluation module (EVM) for portable near-infrared spectroscopy solutions. Featuring the DLP2010NIR digital micromirror device (DMD), the NIRscan Nano supports Bluetooth low energy to enable mobile lab measurements for hand-held spectrometers. The EVM incorporates the DLP2010NIR DMD, a diffraction grating, and a single element detector to replace expensive InGaAs linear array-based detector designs. With its TI Tiva™ TM4C1297NCZAD processor, databases in the cloud can be leveraged through cellular networks for real-time lab equivalent analytics, which allow food or skin analysis and wearable health monitor solutions. Developers can also create their own data collection and analysis through innovative iOS and Android applications.

Learn more about Spectroscopy.

Cables and power supply sold separately. 


Battery: Tenergy Li-Polymer 3.7V 1700mAh (103450) Battery

Carrier options

You can choose different carrier options based on the quantity of parts, including full reel, custom reel, cut tape, tube or tray.

custom reel is a continuous length of cut tape from one reel to maintain lot- and date-code traceability, built to the exact quantity requested. Following industry standards, a brass shim connects an 18-inch leader and trailer on both sides of the cut tape for direct feeding into automated assembly machines. TI includes a reeling fee for custom reel orders.

Cut tape is a length of tape cut from a reel. TI may fulfill orders using multiple strips of cut tapes or boxes to satisfy the quantity requested.

TI often ships  tube or tray  devices inside a box or in the tube or tray, depending on inventory availability. We pack all tapes, tubes or sample boxes according to internal electrostatic discharge and moisture-sensitivity-level protection requirements.

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Lot and date code selection may be available

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