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DP130 Dual-Source Evaluation Module



  • Free-standing evaluation for DisplayPort applications
  • Basic Reference Design
  • On-Board Jumpers to adjust:
    • Equalization
    • CAD Sink Over Ride
    • HPD Sink Over Ride
  • EVM Power Options
    • Provided +5V DC power supply
    • Any ac-to-dc converter can be used as long as it has a 2.5mm plug with the positive terminal in the center
    • For portability, a battery holder is also provided for use with a 9V battery

Texas Instruments  DP130DSEVM

The SN75DP130DSEVM is designed to provide easy evaluation of the SN75DP130DS device. It is also meant to serve as a reference design to show a practical example of how to use the device in a mass-production system. The SN75DP130DS is a high-speed one-to-one redriver for Display Port signals with a dual supply voltages to minimize power consumption.