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DRV10963 5V 3-phase Sinusoidal Sensorless BLDC Motor Driver Evaluation Module



  • 2.1-5.5V supply voltage range
  • Tune motor speed via potential meter
  • Automated process through GUI to select from pre-configured DRV10963Jx
  • Tune through GUI to choose customized parameters
  • 4-step configuration to tune for any motor

Texas Instruments  DRV10963AEVM

The DRV10963AEVM is an evaluation platform for the DRV10963 5V 3-phase sinusoidal sensorless BLDC motor driver. The EVM is a combination of a motherboard and a daughterboard. The motherboard includes a TLC555 timer configured to supply a PWM to the DRV10963 and a potentiometer to adjust the speed of the motor by varying the duty cycle of the PWM and has USB2ANY connector to communicate with DRV10963 GUI. The daughterboard contains a socket allowing the device to be programmed using the DRV10963 GUI via I2C communication and it is mounted on top of the motherboard. The EVM setup, together with DRV10963 GUI also provides means to select a pre-programed device or program OTP (one time programmable) of DRV10963 blank version (un-programmed OTP) device for any custom motor solution. The DRV10963 GUI is easy to use, requires only four simple steps to tune the motor for any end application and program the device OTP.