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DRV2604L Haptics Smart Loop Algorithm and Integrated RAM for Customized Waveform Breakout Board



  • DRV2604L with Smart Loop Algorithm
  • Leaded MSOP (DGS) Package
  • Integrated RAM for loading custom waveforms
  • Breakout headers for quick prototyping and integration
  • Haptic and Touch Feedback Applications

Texas Instruments  DRV2604LDGSEVM-M

The DRV2604LDGSEVM-M is a 16.33x8.97mm breakout board for the DRV2604L Haptic Driver in MSOP package. It contains the DRV2604L with Smart Loop Algorithm, integrated RAM to allow the user to pre-load over 100 customized waveforms, and adds extended actuator support for Eccentric Rotating Mass (ERM) and Linear Resonant Actuators (LRA). It also contains the two decoupling capacitors needed to fully operate the driver and header pin outs for each pin on the package to allow quick system prototyping and evaluation of the DRV2604L.