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DRV2605L ERM and LRA Haptics Evaluation Kit



  1. DRV2605L with Smart Loop Algorithm
  2. TouchSense 2200™ Effects Library licensed from Immersion
  3. Extended actuator support
  4. ERM and LRA actuators included onboard
  5. Programmable MSP430G2553 with capacitive touch buttons

Texas Instruments  DRV2605LEVM-CT

The DRV2605LEVM-CT is a complete reference design for the DRV2605L ERM and LRA haptics driver.  It contains the DRV2605L with Smart Loop Algorithm, embedded TouchSense 2200 effects library licensed from Immersion, and adds extended actuator support for ERMs and LRAs.  The board includes the DRV2605L, a programmable MSP430, capacitive touch buttons, an ERM, and an LRA.