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DRV2605L Multi-Driver Board for ERM and LRA Haptic Feedback



  • Quick prototyping for localized haptic feedback applications
  • Operate multiple actuators simultaneously to create stronger vibration feedback
  • Contains 8x DRV2605L ERM and LRA Haptic Drivers with embedded waveform library
  • Independent or synchronized control of the eight DRV2605L drivers
  • Standalone or USB software configuration and operating modes

Texas Instruments  DRV2605LEVM-MD

The DRV2605LEVM-MD evaluation module demonstrates the use of up to eight DRV2605L ERM and LRA drivers for applications that require multiple actuators for either localized and/or strong haptic feedback.  The module includes eight DRV2605L ERM and LRA haptic drivers with an embedded waveform library pre-licensed from Immersion, USB control software for Windows, a programmable MSP430F5510, I2C switch (TCA9548), and GPIO expander.  The I2C switch and GPIO expander allow for independent control of each of the eight drivers, or synchronized control of a combination of drivers.  

The DRV2605LEVM-MD can be used for quick prototyping and integration into any system.  Configure the board using the included USB control software for Windows or operate it in standalone mode by using the on-board capacitive touch buttons or the I2C header interface and an external host processor.