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DRV2624 Evaluation Board with Bluetooth and Capacitive Touch



  • DRV2624 with Smart Loop Algorithms and Ultra-Low Standby Current Consumption
  • Integrated RAM for waveform storage
  • ERM and LRA actuators included on the board.
  • Software configurable with Haptic Control Console for Windows

Texas Instruments  DRV2624EVM-CT

The DRV2624 haptic driver supports a wide range of Linear Resonant Actuators (LRA) and Eccentric Rotating Mass Motors (ERM).   It provides many features which eliminate the design complexities of haptic motor control including reduced solution size, improved output drive efficiency, closed-loop motor control, quick startup for low latency feedback, and auto-resonance tracking.   The DRV2624 also greatly reduces standby current to decrease energy consumption during idle periods.

The DRV2624EVM-CT Evaluation Module (EVM) is a complete demo and evaluation reference design for the DRV2624.   The kit includes the DRV2624 Haptic Driver, a LRA, an ERM, sample waveforms, capacitive touch inputs, and USB control.