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DRV2625 Breakout Board for ERM / LRA Haptics



  • Easily integrate the DRV2625 into new or existing systems
  • Small break-out board, 10 x 10 mm
  • Includes DRV2625 and required passive components
  • Connects to external I2C host, microcontroller, or applications processor, including Haptic Control Console
  • Supports most ERM or LRA haptic actuator

Texas Instruments  DRV2625EVM-MINI

The DRV2625EVM-MINI is a small, break-out board for the DRV2625 ERM/LRA Haptics driver.  The board can be used for quickly integating the DRV2625 into any new or existing system.   The DRV2625 is an ultra low power hatpic driver with integrated waveform library for driving eccentric rotating mass (ERM) or linear resonant actuators (LRA).  The board includes the DRV2625 along with the required passive components to operate the DRV2625.   Simply connect power, I2C communication, and an actuator to get started with the DRV2625.