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EVM for Piezo Haptic Driver with Boost, Digital Front End, and Internal Waveform Memory



  • Integrated Digital Front-End (I2C)
  • Integrated Boost Converter (105V) with up to 200Vpp Output
  • Piezo Actuator
  • Capacitive Touch Buttons
  • Programmable MSP430
  • Texas Instruments  DRV2667EVM-CT

    The DRV2667 is a digitally controlled, high-voltage driver designed to control Piezo actuators with voltages between 40 Vpp and 200 Vpp. The DRV2667 eliminates many design complexities of driving Piezo by including an integrated 105V boost converter and 200-Vpp differential output amplifier. In addition, the digital control interface ( I2C™) includes real-time waveform playback, a waveform generator, and embedded RAM for waveform storage.

    The DRV2667EVM-CT Evaluation Module (EVM) kit is a complete demonstration and evaluation platform for the DRV2667. The kit includes a microcontroller, Piezo actuator, sample waveforms and capacitive touch buttons which can be used to completely demonstrate and evaluate the DRV2667.