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DRV5011 and DRV5012 Ultra-Low Power, Digital-Latch Hall Effect Sensor Evaluation Module


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  • Easy evaluation and demonstration of the DRV5011 with included magnet and USB cable
  • Three of each DRV5011 and DRV5012 are provided on breakaway boards to integrate directly into a system for prototype evaluation
  • Vias are provided to attach wires to the breakaway boards

Texas Instruments  DRV5011-5012EVM

The DRV5011-5012EVM facilitates evaluation of the DRV5012 and DRV5011 Hall effect sensors. The DRV5012 is an ultra-low-power digital-latch Hall effect sensor with a pin-selectable sampling rate. The DRV5011 is an ultra-low-power digital-latch Hall effect sensor.  These sensors change their output states as magnets reverse polarity or magnetic fields reach certain thresholds to trigger the sensor logic.