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DRV603 Evaluation Module (EVM)



  • Two-channel evaluation module (double-sided, plated-through PCB layout)
  • 2-VRMS line output
  • Single-ended or balanced analog input
  • Digital S/PDIF TOSLINK input
  • No output capacitor required
  • Shutdown button
  • Populated EVM Board

Texas Instruments  DRV603EVM

The DRV603EVM customer evaluation module (EVM) demonstrates the capabilities and operation of the DRV603 integrated circuit from Texas Instruments.

The DRV603 is a 2-VRMS pop-free stereo line driver designed to allow removal of the output dc-blocking capacitors in audio applications to reduce component count and overall cost. The device is ideal for single-supply electronics where size and cost are critical design parameters.

Designed using TI's patented DirectPath™ technology, the DRV603 is able to drive 2 VRMS into a 2.5-kW load with a 3.3-V supply voltage and more than 3 VRMS with a 5-V supply voltage. The device has differential inputs and uses external gain-setting resistors that support a gain range of +/-1 V/V to +/-10 V/V, and line outputs that have +/-8 kV IEC electrostatic discharge (ESD) protection. The DRV603 also has built-in shutdown control for pop-free on/off control.

Using the DRV603 in audio product applications can reduce component counts considerably compared to traditional methods of generating a 2-VRMS to 3-VRMS output. The DRV603 does not require a power supply greater than 3.3 V to generate its 5.6-VPP output or greater than 5 V to generate its 9-VPP output, nor does it require a split-rail power supply. The DRV603 integrates its own charge pump to generate a negative supply rail that provides a clean, pop-free, ground-biased 2-VRMS to 3-VRMS output.

The DRV603 is available in a 14-pin TSSOP package.

This EVM is configured with one TOSLINK™ digital audio S/PDIF input and two RCA phono input connectors for analog input; the analog or digital input is selected with pin headers. The pin headers can also be used to feed balanced analog audio into the DRV603. The output signal is available on two RCA phono connectors. The power supply is connected via a two-pin, 2,54-mm header.

This evaluation board is designed for testing applications such as set-top boxes, LCD/PDP TVs, Blu-ray Disc&trade DVD players, DVD mini-component systems, home theater-in-a-box (HTIB) systems, or soundcards.