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38V Three-Phase Smart Gate Driver With Three Current Shunt Amplifiers

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Package | PIN: VQFN (RHA) | 40
Temp: Q (-40 to 125)
Carrier: Cut Tape
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1-9 $3.05
10-24 $2.75
25-99 $2.56
100-249 $2.24
250-499 $2.10
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750-999 $1.51
1000+ $1.44


  • 6-V to 38-V, Triple Half-Bridge Gate Driver With Integrated 3x Current Sense Amplifiers (CSA)
    • 40-V Absolute Maximum Rating
    • Fully Optimized for12-V and 24-V DC Rails
    • Drives High-Side and Low-Side N-ChannelMOSFETs
    • Supports 100% PWM DutyCycle
  • Smart Gate-Drive Architecture
    • Adjustable Slew-Rate Control for Better EMI and EMCPerformance
    • VGS Hand-Shake and Minimum Dead-TimeInsertion to Avoid Shoot-Through
    • 15-mA to 150-mA Peak Source Current
    • 30-mA to 300-mA Peak SinkCurrent
  • 6x, 3x, 1x and Independent PWM Modes
    • Supports 120º SensoredOperation
  • Integrated Gate-Driver Power Supplies
    • High-Side Doubler Charge Pump
    • Low-Side LinearRegulator
  • Integrated Triple Current-Shunt Amplifiers
    • Adjustable Gain (5, 10, 20, 40V/V)
    • Bidirectional or UnidirectionalSupport
  • SPI (Preview) or Hardware Device Variants
  • Supports 1.8-V, 3.3-V, and 5-V Logic Inputs
  • Low-Power Sleep Mode
  • Linear Voltage Regulator, 3.3-V, 30-mA
  • Integrated Protection Features
    • VMUndervoltage Lockout (UVLO)
    • Charge Pump Undervoltage(CPUV)
    • MOSFET VDS Overcurrent Protection(OCP)
    • MOSFET Shoot-Through Protection
    • Gate Driver Fault(GDF)
    • Thermal Warning and Shutdown (OTW/OTSD)
    • FaultCondition Indicator (nFAULT)

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Texas Instruments  DRV8304HRHAT

The DRV8304 device isan integrated gate driver for 3-phase brushless DC (BLDC) motors applications for 12-V and 24-V DCrails. These applications include field-oriented control (FOC), sinusoidal current control, andtrapezoidal current control of BLDC motors. The device integrates three current-sense amplifiers(CSA) for sensing the phase currents of BLDC motors for optimum FOC and current-control systemimplementation. An AUTOCAL feature automatically calibrates the CSA offset error for accuratecurrent sensing.

The device is based on smart gate-drive (SGD) architecture to eliminate the need of anyexternal gate components (resistors and Zener diodes) while fully protecting the external FETs. TheSGD architecture optimizes dead time to avoid any shoot-through conditions, provides flexibility indecreasing electromagnetic interference (EMI) by gate slew-rate control, and protects against anygate-short conditions through VGS hand-shaking and dead time insertion.Strong pulldown current also prevents any dv/dt gate turnon.

Various PWM control modes (1x, 3x, 6x, and independent) are supported for simpleinterfacing to control circuits that can be powered by the 30-mA, 3.3-V internal regulator. Thesemodes decrease the number of output peripherals of the controller for the specific motor-controlrequirements and provide flexibility of control. The device also has a 1x mode for sensoredtrapezoidal control of the BLDC motor by using the internal block-commutation table. The device canalso be configured to drive multiple loads, such as solenoids, in independent mode.