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DRV8701 Full Bridge Brushed DC Motor Gate Driver Evaluation Module



  • 5.9 to 45V operating voltage range
  • 15A continuous / 20A peak H-bridge output current
  • Drives a single bidirectional brushed DC motor
  • Compact 3.5” x 2.2” form factor
  • User-friendly GUI via MSP430 and USB interface

Texas Instruments  DRV8701EVM

The DRV8701EVM (evaluation module) serves as an evaluation kit to demonstrate TI’s DRV8701 H-bridge gate driver. An MSP430G2553 is used to control the speed and direction of the motor, while also monitoring the motor current from the DRV8701. The power stage is created using the DRV8701 H-bridge gate driver and CSD18532Q5B N-channel NexFETTM power MOSFETs. The EVM is a high-performance, power-efficient, and cost-effective platform that speeds development for a quicker time to market. A user friendly application is provided to quickly get the EVM operating with minimal external equipment.