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DRV8830 Evaluation Module



  • 1.0A Continuous Current Output
  • Low Operating Voltage: 2.75 to 6V
  • Low RDSON (450mΩ LS+HS)
  • Kelvin connections for power, output and control signals
  • Includes terminal connections for power, output and control signals
  • EVM includes LED indicator of fault state.
  • The address pins of the DRV8830 can be configured to respond to one of 9 slave address enabling the user to use the same I2C bus for multiple drivers.

Texas Instruments  DRV8830EVM

The DRV8830 evaluation module consists of a 1A, H-bridge motor driver with a I2C control interface and a small number external components that can be used to drive one brushed DC motor or other loads like solenoids. With the DRV8830EVM, designers can quickly and easily evaluate the performance of DRV8830 motor driver in their specific application. The DRV8830 includes an internal reference voltage which is used to set the PWM regulated output voltage controlled by the VSET bits from the serial interface. This EVM operates on power supply voltages from 2.75 V to 6 V.