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DRV8834 Evaluation Module



  • Microstep using DRV8834 internal indexer, on-board MSP430, or external MCU.
  • On-board potentiometers allows for adjusting Vref and decay ratio, blanking time and off time.
  • Control and status signals brought out to test headers for easy evaluation.
  • Headers and a simple jumper are provided so that the DRV8834 can be driven with customer's choice of microcontroller.
  • Advanced graphical user interface (download available below) enables acceleration, deceleration and motion profiles. MSP430 algorothms available in the software download section.

Texas Instruments  DRV8834EVM

The DRV8834 evaluation module (EVM) demonstrates the capabilities and performance of the DRV8834 motor driver from Texas Instruments. This EVM comes with an on-board MSP430 microcontroller which has been pre-programmed with a set of useful algorithms for driving a stepper or two brushed DC motors. The graphical user interface allows control of the EVM through the user's computer via USB port. The regulated voltage for the MSP430 is provided by LP2985-33 single-channel LDO. This EVM operates on power supply voltages from 2.5V to 10.8V.