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DRV8846 Dual H-Bridge Stepper Motor Driver Evaluation Module



  • 4 to 18V operation voltage
  • 1A RMS / 1.4A full-scale per H-bridge
  • STEP/DIR interface with up to 1/32 u-step indexer on-chip
  • Flexible current decay modes
  • Configurable PWM off-time
  • On-the-fly adjustable output current / torque scaling
  • Complete on-chip protection: over-current, over-temperature, under-voltage and shoot-through
  • User-friendly GUI via MSP430 and USB interface

Texas Instruments  DRV8846EVM

The DRV8846 is a highly integrated stepper motor controller and driver for cameras, printers, projectors, and other automated equipment applications.This device has been optimized to drive a single bipolar stepper with up to 1/32 microstepping with on-chip indexers.

The DRV8846EVM is a platform revolving around the DRV8846. The EVM incorporates a MSP430 microcontroller and an USB interface chip. The USB chip allows for serial communications from a PC computer where a Windows® application is used to schedule serial commands. These commands can be used to control each of the device’s signals, and drive the stepper motor by issuing the step commands at the desired rate. The microcontroller firmware operates using internal index mode.