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DRV8850EVM - Evaluation Module for Low-Voltage H-Bridge Motor Driver with LDO Voltage Regulator



  • DRV8850 5A continuous/8A peak current supply
  • MSP430 MCU onboard

Texas Instruments  DRV8850EVM

The DRV8850 device provides a motor driver plus LDO voltage regulator solution for applications requiring a high start-up torque with superior thermal performance in mind. The device has one H-bridge driver to drive a DC motor, a voice-coil actuator, one winding of a stepper motor or other types of loads.

The DRV8850EVM (evaluation module) serves as a user-friendly evaluation kit to demonstrate TI's brushed motor driver DRV8850. Users can control the individual high-side and low-side FETs DRV8850 with the onboard MSP430 microcontroller.  The EVM speeds development for quicker time to market and shows off the DRV8850's ultra-low thermal performance!