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DRV8881E Dual H-Bridge Stepper or Dual Brushed DC Motor Driver Evaluation Module



  • DRV8881E 6.5-45V, dual H-bridge motor driver
  • MSP430 MCU onboard
  • GUI for tuning
  • Supports 1.4A RMS current output to motor per H-bridge (2.5A peak)

Texas Instruments  DRV8881EEVM

DRV8881E is a dual H-bridge motor driver that can drive either a stepper motor or dual brushed DC motor driver with a Phase/Enable control interface. For stepper motors, this device also features TI's AutoTune™ adaptive decay mode. Aimed at 24V motors, this device also features AutoTune™ adaptive decay mode, which automatically adjusts the decay settings during operation to achieve the motor's most optimum performance. The DRV8881EEVM (evaluation module) serves as a user-friendly evaluation kit to demonstrate TI's stepper motor driver DRV8881E . Users can control the DRV8881E with the onboard MSP430 microcontroller. The EVM is a high-performance, power-efficient, cost-effective platform that speeds development for quicker time to market. Applications include currency handling machines, video security cameras, printers, scanners and other factory automation and robotic applications.