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DS125BR401 Evaluation Module



  • 4 Lane Repeater up to 12.5 Gbps
  • Transparent management of link training protocol for PCIe, SAS, and 10G-KR
  • Programmable via pin selection, EEPROM, or SMBus interface
  • Single supply operation: VIN = 3.3V±10% or VDD = 2.5V ±5%
  • Texas Instruments  DS125BR401EVM

    The DS125BR401EVM – SMA evaluation kit provides a complete high band-width platform to evaluate the signal integrity and signal conditioning features of the Texas Instruments signal conditioning products with Equalization and De-emphasis. SMA edge launch connectors are used as the input and the output connections for this evaluation board. Commercially available adaptor boards can be purchased to facilitate connection to cables or backplane interconnects.