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DS125DF111EVM: 9.8-12.5 Gbps Retimer Evaluation Module



  • Adjustable Transmit VOD : 600 to 1300 mVp-p
  • Settable transmit de-emphasis driver to -12 dB
  • Low power consumption : 200 mW/ch
  • Locks to half/quarter/eighth data rates for legacy support
  • On-chip Eye Monitor (EOM), PRBS Generator

Texas Instruments  DS125DF111EVM

The DS125DF111EVM is a high bandwidth platform with a SMA interface to evaluate the DS125DF111 dual channel (1-lane bidirectional) retimer with integrated signal conditioning. The DS125DF111 includes an input Continuous-Time Linear Equalizer (CTLE), clock and data recovery (CDR), and transmit driver on each channel.