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DS125DF410EVM: 9.8 to 12.5 Gbps Quad Channel Retimer with Adaptive EQ, CDR and DFE Evaluation Module



  • Each channel independently locks to 9.8 to 12.5 Gbps and sub-multiples of the data rates
  • Lock time operation (typically under 15 ms)
  • Low latency (~300 ps)
  • Adjustable transmit VOD : 600 to 1300 mVp-p
  • Adjustable transmit de-emphasis to -12 dB
  • Typical Power Dissipation (EQ+DFE+CDR+DE): 180 mW / channel
  • Programmable output polarity inversion
  • Input signal detection, CDR lock detection/indicator
  • On-chip Eye Monitor (EOM), PRBS generator

Texas Instruments  DS125DF410EVM

The DS125DF410EVM evaluation board allows the user to examine the advanced signal conditioning capabilities of the DS125DF410 and DS125RT410 devices using SMAs. The board is controlled by a PC using a USB port and the SigCon Architect GUI.

In order to use the SigCon Architect GUI to control the device, a DPS-DONGLE-EVM board must be used to interface the USB port of the PC to the SMBus pins on board the evaluation board. This DPS-DONGLE-EVM adapter board is not kitted with the DS125DF410EVM.

To acquire the DPS-DONGLE-EVM board, please submit a request for purchase to dps_marketing@list.ti.com.