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Dual 2.5 Gb s 1:2 Mux Buffer with Input Equalization and Output Pre-emphasis



  • Dual 2:1 multiplexer and 1:2 buffer
  • 0.6-2.5 Gbps fully differential data paths
  • Fixed input equalization
  • Programmable output pre-emphasis
  • Independent switch and line side pre-emphasis controls
  • Programmable switch-side loopback modes
  • On-chip terminations
  • HBM ESD rating 6 kV on all pins
  • +3.3V supply
  • Low power, 1W max
  • Lead-less LLP-48 package (7mm x 7mm x 0.8mm, 0.5mm pitch)
  • -40°C to +85°C operating temperature range


Texas Instruments  DS25MB200-EVK

The DS25MB200 is a dual signal conditioning 2:1 multiplexer and 1:2 fan-out buffer designed for use in backplane redundancy applications.