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Low Power 28 Gbps 8-Channel Linear Repeater


Package | PIN: NFBGA (ZBF) | 135
Temp: I (-40 to 85)
Carrier: Cut Tape
Qty Price
1-9 $37.92
10-24 $35.46
25-99 $34.33
100-249 $30.52
250-499 $30.29
500-749 $28.50
750-999 $25.58
1000+ $25.50


  • Octal-Channel Multi-Protocol Linear Equalizer
    Supporting up to 28 Gbps Interfaces
  • Low Power Consumption: 93 mW / Channel
  • No Heat Sink Required
  • Linear Equalization for Seamless Support of
    CR4/KR4 Link Training
  • Extends Channel Reach by 15dB+ Beyond
    Normal ASIC-to-ASIC Capability
  • Ultra-Low Latency: 100 ps (typical)
  • Low Additive Random Jitter
  • Small 8 mm x 13 mm BGA Package with
    Integrated RX and TX AC Coupling Capacitors for
    Easy Flow-Through Routing
  • Unique Pinout Allows Routing High-Speed Signals
    Underneath the Package
  • Pin-Compatible Retimer Available
  • Single 2.5 V ±5% Power Supply
  • –40°C to +85°C Operating Temperature Range

Texas Instruments  DS280BR810ZBFT

The DS280BR810 is an extremely low-power, high-performance eight-channel linear equalizer supporting multi-rate, multi-protocol interfaces up to 28 Gbps. It is used to extend the reach and improve the robustness of high-speed serial links for front-port, backplane, and chip-to-chip applications.

The linear nature of the DS280BR810’s equalization preserves the transmit signal characteristics, thereby allowing the host and link partner ASICs to freely negotiate transmit equalizer coefficients (100G-CR4/KR4). This transparency to the link training protocol facilitates system-level interoperability with minimal effect on the latency. Each channel operates independently, which allows the DS280BR810 to support individual lane Forward Error Correction (FEC) pass-through.

The DS280BR810's small package dimensions, optimized high-speed signal escape, and the pin-compatible retimer portfolio make the DS280BR810 ideal for high-density backplane applications. Simplified equalization control, low power consumption, and ultra-low additive jitter make it suitable for front-port interfaces such as 100G-SR4/LR4/CR4. The small 8 mm x 13 mm footprint easily fits behind numerous standard front-port connectors like QSFP28, SFP28, CFP2/CFP4, and CDFP without the need for a heat sink.

Integrated AC coupling capacitors (RX and TX) eliminate the need for external capacitors on the PCB. The DS280BR810 has a single power supply and minimal need for external components. These features reduce PCB routing complexity and bill of materials (BOM) cost.

A pin-compatible retimer device is available for longer reach applications.

The DS280BR810 can be configured either via the SMBus or through an external EEPROM. Up to 16 devices can share a single EEPROM.