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DS90CR285 and DS90CR286AT-Q1 Channel Link I SerDes Evaluation Module



  • Operates with 20-66 MHz Parallel Clock
  • Strobes on Incoming Data (Tx Board) and Outgoing Data (Rx Board) Rising Edge
  • 30x2 LVCMOS Parallel Input (Tx Board) and Output (Rx Board) Header Connectors with 0.08 (2 mm) Pitch
  • 10x2 LVDS Serial Output (Tx Board) and Input (Rx Board) Header Connectors with 0.1 (2.54 mm) Pitch

Texas Instruments  DS90CR285-86ATQEVM

The DS90CR285-86ATQEVM contains a Transmitter (Tx) board, a Receiver (Rx) board, and interfacing cables. This kit allows users to interface from test equipment or a graphics controller through Low Voltage Differential Signaling (LVDS) to a receiver board. The DS90CR285-86ATQEVM can be used for performance evaluation and initial system prototyping for multiple display applications.