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5-96MHz DS90UB921-Q1 FPD-Link III Serializer for STP or Coaxial Cable



  • Supports Extended High Definition (1920x720 p) Digital Video Format
  • 5 – 96MHz PCLK Supported
  • STP or Coax Cable Supported
  • RGB888 Parallel LVCMOS Input Interface
  • Compatible with DS90UB926Q-Q1, DS90UB928Q-Q1, DS90UB948-Q1, and DS90UB940-Q1

Texas Instruments  DS90UB921-Q1EVM

The DS90UB921-Q1 serializer, in conjunction with a compatible deserializer, provides a complete digital interface for concurrent transmission of high-speed video, audio, and control data for automotive display and image sensing applications. This EVM supports either STP or coaxial cable.

The chipset is ideally suited for automotive video-display systems with HD formats and automotive vision systems with megapixel resolutions.